The Plan

Cirencester Community Railway

Cirencester Community Railway Project


Working to re-establish the rail link to Kemble


How many University Towns have not got a railway station? Cirencester used to have three stations, but the 'Beeching' cutbacks in the 1960's closed the last one. Now we have to get to Kemble, Swindon or Cheltenham by road.

We can reduce our carbon footprint, save cost and time, and put Cirencester back on the map by re-opening the old line to the outskirts of the town.

The route is only about 5km - less than 4 miles long, and is very level all the way, so it's a lot easier than many of the routes that are under discussion around the UK.

It's time we had a connection to the main line railway system again!

What's the Plan?


Clearly we can't put back the line along the old route to end near Tetbury Road - the dual carriageway has occupied that route. So the initial plan is to put the new station at Chesterton, next to Spratsgate Lane. That way we don't need to cross any of the main roads in the town.

Chesterton Halt will be equipped with facilities for cyclists, and will have a good bus link to the town centre.

We are also giving consideration to the idea of extending the line past the Chesterton Development to a halt near the Royal Agricultural University, and then on down Tetbury Road to a Town Halt in the vicinity of the Sports centre.


We aim to use a battery electric railcar - quiet, efficient and eco-friendly. If we can't get one of those, then a low-noise diesel hybrid railcar is being developed, which will do very nicely for now


We have drafted a Scheme document to help explain the details, options and some solutions. It is still a work-in-progress and doesn't have all the answers, but you can read and download the latest version of the Scheme here.

Is the track still there?


The track has been removed, but the path is still clear almost all the way. It would take up some of the car park at Kemble Station, but they won't need to park so many cars there and more space is available at Chesterton Halt!

There are some bridges which will have to be re-built or checked, and of course some track to lay.

Comments from a Local Expert


It's a good time to get on board!

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Photos of the Route

Benefits of the Railway

  • Easier commuting to London
  • Easier for tourists to get to Ciren
  • Reliable connection to the mainline
  • Reduced car usage
  • Improved employment opportunities
  • Better access to Gloucester
  • Reduced traffic on A417/A429
  • Easier for students to get to the RAU

The Way Forward

  • Contact CDC Planners
  • Contact landowners
  • Contact Network Rail
  • Arrange feasilibily study funding